3rd party resources in admin panel


I’m deploying Ghost and while I found great articles and how-to’s about modifying templates and actually managed to edit and deploy one. Thank you for those resources!

But I’m having trouble modifying admin panel as in making it as GDPR compliant as possible.
I can’t justify legally or technically why our bloggers personal data flows to 3rd parties like Google and Fontawesome Inc.

I’m having trouble disabling following resources in admin panel:

  • fontawesome.com
  • use.fontawesome.com
  • ghost.org
  • fonts.googleapis.com
  • gstatic.com
  • fonts.static.com
  • unpkg.com
  • zapier.com

In order to utilize Ghost platform in current form, I would have to define legal bases for gathering and transferring personal data outside our organization and outside European Union, which is not legally possible.

My question is whether it’s possible to deploy Ghost to organizations which are properly complying to current European privacy laws?