404 error for links for homepage


I am facing a strange problem.

I have installed ghost blog on subdirectory - www.accioibis.com/blog

Now, when I am writing an article and putting my homepage link (www.accioibis.com) on any word it gives a 404 error.

So let’s say there is a word “Artificial Intelligence” on my blog post and I am putting my home page link (www.accioibis.com) but when I see the live article and click on the link it gives a 404 error and the link is - https://www.accioibis.com/blog/artificial-intelligence-the-future-of-education/www.accioibis.com/, so basically it’s the link of the article and then the link I insert.

But any external link is working perfectly fine and there is no error.

Please help me solve this issue.

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 10.28.41

Hey @Atmadeep_Das :wave:

You need to apply https:// before your site link. Not doing so will cause the browser to assume you’re navigating to sub page of the one you’re currently on. This is default browser behaviour.

Hope that’s clear :+1: