404 Page not found on "Preview" after unpublishing post

I’m getting “404 Page not found” when clicking Preview button on Ghost Pro (PS, is this the right forum for Ghost Pro questions?)

Here’s the private preview link it gives me:

Any suggestions how to troubleshoot?

How I got here
Published post->unpublished post->clicked preview (worked) → clicked preview again (now permanently broken)

@Yaroslav_Bulatov I had this happen to me last year and so reported it as a bug over on GitHub. It was closed though due to it not being reproducible by Ghost staff and due to me apparently being too lazy to take it any further. Here’s the issue I raised:

Thanks, replied to the issue with a couple more details

Your preview link works for me:

And I can see the preview URL with the random characters in the address bar.

Have you tried another browser and/or incognito window?

Do you mean to suggest that the 404 might only occur when one is signed into the Admin?

I meant to suggest that the browser might be caching the 404 error or something.

I have a Ghost instance installed on DO and I don’t see 404 when I open the preview link. And I’m signed into the admin as well.

But the caching issue happens to me all the time, especially when I reconfigure domains.

When I reconfigured my domain to point to DO, the normal browser window wouldn’t show my site. Then I checked it via incognito and it worked, which meant that even though the domain had already propagated, the normal browser window was caching the state of my website before propagation.

It’s just a thought.

But if you can replicate the issue in incognito, then it’s not a caching issue.

Yes I just tried incognito and preview link below still gives redirects to unpublished post and gives 404

Thank you very much!
Had same issue and it worked by me!

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