A way to get the Ghost Docs on Kindle?

Hi there, just going through the new docs. Is there a quick and easy way to get them onto the Kindle? Any ideas, anyone? :slight_smile:

Not natively, unfortunately! Your only option is something like Send to Kindle, one page at a time. :grimacing:

Or, print each page to PDF, then merge all files into one, then send to Kindle…! :exploding_head:

At one time, Microsoft offered a technical data saving tool on one iteration of their technical documentation website. You’d go through, save the various documents you needed to your account and then hit save. The website would compile all those things into a single, bookmarked PDF. It let you make your own manuals around topics that interested you, in a way that made sense to you.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and Ghost will do the same. :crossed_fingers:

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