Accent_color is missing from /content/settings/


I’m playing with this repo connected to a self hosted docker image of Ghost v4.34.0 but I noticed that the response from the /content/settings/ endpoint described here differs a lot.

The main issue for me it the missing accent_color but there are a lot more differences.


  • the doc say lang the self-hosted say locale
  • the doc say codeinjection_head the sh say ghost_head

Obviously there is something going on … I can live with different names but missing properties are a real pain.

Am I missing something? It’s a bug somewhere or a documentation issue?

Looks like that repo is still using an old API version. You’ll want to change the line below from v2 to v4

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Thank you very much.
I don’t want to take credit for this but if you’d like I’ll open a PR for this on the repo

PRs are always welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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