Add an option for stories pagination


I believe there is a good use case for adding a stories pagination option as when the number of stories gets big and when you have to edit one of your first written pages (i.e. about, etc.) you have to scroll all the way down to the first stories in order to be able to edit those kind of pages.

The options should be basic:

  • number of items to be shown per page
  • navigation arrows between pages (with first and last page easily accessible)



Definitely makes sense!

For now, there are 2 big features you can use which should make finding a post easier - searching in the Admin interface and adding /edit to a post url


You can already do that via changing “Order” dropdown to the right of the filters on the Stories page, if you reverse it from the default then you’ll get the “last” page at the top.


Thanks both for the clues, I didn’t know about the /edit option and I somehow missed the search and the order of stories :).