Add end date membership with admin API or with import

I use another membership platform (newspaper membership)

I really wants my customer to have an access to Ghost plateform during their membership.
So, It would be nice to add an end date membership in Ghost CMS with the admin API or with CSV import. (and not only with Stripe)

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Hey @Publipresse, would you be able to explain your use case in more detail? Members can be used with Zapier integration, which could be an option for you:

Hi David,
Zapier is not an option. My membership platform Aboweb doesn’t connect with Zapier.

My usercase is easy to understand : I just want to use the admin API to add membership with a end date.
So, if a customer doesn’t renew his membership on Aboweb, the membership on Ghost CMS will expire automatically

I think you might be trying to use Ghost in the wrong way in this context. Ghost is suppose to be used for managing members rather than responding to a main list of members :slight_smile:

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Ok, but I thought that it could be a new context.
The admin API exists in order to add new subscribers from another services ? no ?

I think that is not a big deal to add an end date ?
It can connect Ghost CMS to external list of members


Hey @Publipresse :wave: My understanding of the problem you are trying to solve is expiration of members access to content when their subscription ends in the Aboweb.

Couple things to clarify upfront:

  1. Member API is in beta at the moment and will change, so you will have to keep an eye on any custom integration you make, so things don’t break.
  2. If you want to have paid member access control you’d need to connect Stripe to your instance. My understanding of this phrase: “Réglement CB avec TPE intégré (Stripe) et Sepa (Slimpay)” is that your platform already integrates with it.

There is no concept of end_date on members records themselves. Ghost controls access to content through status of the subscription connected to the member - members_stripe_customers_subscriptions.status. It is changed on the current_period_end by Stripe triggering a webhook. Based on this logic you won’t need any “end_date” added to the member, rather you’d need to connect their stripe_customer_id when importing though CSV and the rest should happen automatically.

Alternatively, if the platform you are using doesn’t have Stripe but the other provider they listed in the reference then there could be 2 options:

  1. Work with your platform and help them create a Zapier integration @DavidDarnes mentioned above.
  2. Write some kind of script running at intervals of time (e.g. CRON), that would remove members through the API once their membership expires on your platform.

Hope this gives enough context and you could work out the best solution :wink:

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