Add link option to gallery images so they are image links

I feel like the gallery image option is really missing the one feature that would take it to a whole new level of usefulness. An option to add a link turning the image into an image link.

Consider this scenario. I’m writing an article about using cast iron pans while camping. In the article, I’d like to use the gallery image card to put in images of the various recipes that I use because as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. I want the visitors to click on the image and be taken to the recipe instead of just having an image and then a link or just a bunch of links grouped together.

That is a modern flow that makes sense and gives a whole new dimension to our sites.

I also think all links should open in a new tab by default, something I do with a script now, so we can keep our pages active instead of directing to other sites but that’s for another topic.

This might make sense to merge with being able to even turn single images into links:

This was shipped in Ghost 4.0 in basic form. Similar to alt text it’s necessary to drag an image out of a gallery to make it an image card (or start with an image card), set the link on the image card using the toolbar icon, then drag the card back into a gallery.

The experience isn’t ideal at the moment but it’s at least possible now :slight_smile:

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