Add stars in Dawn

I just started up a blog and decided on the “dawn” theme. In the demo version you can see little stars that can be put next to important posts, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add those onto the page view. they look like this:

Not sure if the picture uploaded, but it is basically little stars next to the name of the post. I have seen just the one star, but also two or three together to indicate importance. Can anyone tell me how to add them onto a post?

Hey @quack,

The star indicates that the post is members-only or paid-members only. More about post access level can be found here. How to create protected content

Thanks for the quick response! is there any way to add those stars without instituting a pay/membership wall?

For example, when do you want it to be visible?

Yes, there is! I am not sure how this specific theme shows featured posts, but in the ghost admin view you can mark a post as featured (in the right menubar at the bottom). This should style the post different from the other ones. If this modified style does not suit you and this is a theme where the license allows it, I could modify it for you to show the star not for protected content but for featured content :)

Yeah I looked back through the menu and saw that feature, but unfortunately that adds it to a rotating “featured posts” thing on the main menu rather than give it a star or any other significance. I just wanted to be able to mark which posts I think readers should prioritize when looking through the list view that is the standard of dawn theme. Not sure if that is a possibility but I really appreciate your offer to help!

Hey quack, I’ll send you a Direct Message so we can sort this out :)

Has anyone resolved this? I’d like to add stars in order to indicate how “important” a particular post is. However, I’m not sure how @Bengin_Cetindere modified the style for the theme. How did it go @quack ?