Allow annual users to turn on or off autorenew in portal

In the account control center for a user in Portal, it would be great for users to be able to turn off auto-renew, just like they can turn off newsletter.

Some users are very sensitive to this and would be great to make it simple for them to change this.

I have not yet gone live (still editing theme files and what not), but your question makes me wonder if they put enough thought into this.

Are you saying that the only option available for paying members is to cancel their membership if they do not want to continue paying? In other words; is there no option for turning the renewal ON / OFF when they are logged in on their “account page” ?

That’s correct. A user has to “cancel” the membership (which keeps it running til the end of the paid period as it should).

I’d just love to have granularity here: 1) turn off auto-renew to avoid surprise charge
and 2) a full-on account deletion button (e.g. delete my account now)

I upvoted.
There are so many things that are not user friendly.