Allow setting of a tag template in Ghost Admin Tags section

At the moment, if you want a custom tag index page, you create a separate template file with the filename tag-:slug.hbs (e.g. tag-photo.hbs). That’s fine, as far as it goes. But what if you have another tag where the contents should be displayed the same way? For example, a tag called landscape, which is a subclass of photo. At the moment I would have to create another custom tag index file called, tag-landscape.hbs with exactly the same contents (OK, this could import a partial to keep the theme DRY, but it’s still an extra file).

How about instead having a dropdown menu in the Tag Settings section of Ghost Admin where you can set the tag index template file, similar to the option in the Post Settings? This tag template setting could fit into the hierarchy at the top, so if it is left unset in Admin, Ghost would continue to look for a matching template based on file-name, etc.

So now, multiple tags can use the same tag index custom template. Better, right?

What do people think about this idea?

Instead of partials, you can use nested layout files. Not sure if many people are aware this is possible.

It’s still an extra file, but it’s perhaps slightly more maintainable than partials.

OK, I see what you mean. Each individual tag template file can simply consist of one line that points to a common custom tag index template, which in-turn extends the base, default template.