Amp image size warnings

Good evening,

I am suddenly experiencing the following error on hundreds of articles

“Linked AMP version is valid with warnings”
“Image size smaller than recommended size”

I’ve never had this problem, and I always use the same images.

On about 200 different articles, I always use the same 50 images.

Is there a way to resize all the images associated with all the articles without having to recharge them all?

All images in
images / 2017 / *
images / 2018 / *
images / 2019 / *

Thank you

Any information about this problem?

So there is no way to increase the size of images already in use for the articles to meet the claims of AMP?

Hey @giacomosilli :wave: Where are you seeing the “Image size smaller than recommended size” error? What actual sizes of images are being served? Are you using Responsive Images by any chance? Would be cool if you could provide a clean reproducible example :slight_smile: Cheers!

Hello @naz

From → AMP

I didn’t know about these configurations. I customized the old ghost official theme, and in the package.json file there is no such configuration.

My images are of variable size, I insert only one in the header of the post.

Theoretically if I modify my package.json and use this syntax:

<img class = "post-image"
     srcset = "{{img_url feature_image size =" s "}} 300w,
             {{img_url feature_image size = "m"}} 600w,
             {{img_url feature_image size = "l"}} 1000w,
             {{img_url feature_image size = "xl"}} 2000w "
     sizes = "(max-width: 1000px) 400px, 700px"
     src = "{{img_url feature_image size =" m "}}"
     alt = "{{title}}"

do i solve the problem?
Will Google AMP automatically use the right size?
Thank you

Seems like Google has introduced a new image quality standards for AMP in February. According to Google-specific AMP Issues - Search Console Help

The structured data in the AMP refers to an image that is smaller than our recommended size. This may prevent the page from appearing with all AMP-related features on Google Search, and may also prevent your Discover cards from appearing with large images (leading to decreased website traffic and user engagement). To fix, use a larger image according to our guidelines.

new recommended size for all images is:

Images should be at least 1200 pixels wide.

Ghost does resize images, but only to size them down to default 2000px width (which should be ok by AMP standard). My guess is that the images you have been using could be of lower size. Could you please check on that and maybe provide one as a sample is it’s of good enough size :)

This is a demo of my site to show you the images.

I think they’re all small, should I reload them all bigger?

Yes, all these images seem to have low resolution :+1: You’d need to re-upload a higher resolution one to comply with Google’s AMP standards :slight_smile: As there’s nothing wrong on Ghost’s side will close this topic.