Ask about AJAX reaload post list

Hey :slight_smile:

I wanted to add a column in which entries were reloaded when the new entry was published, so that everyone could have a list of the latest entries without refreshing the page.

I have everything ready, I have no idea how to do it in AJAX (I don’t know GHOST as well as Wordpress)

Please, give me a hint what to look for, I can still manage :slight_smile:

Hey @Karolek :wave:
An interesting case! I would think using the Ghost Content API is a good place to start, however you may want to build some sort of intermediary so your client-side JavaScript isn’t constantly requesting content from the API. Ghost already provides a way to trigger webhooks, which can execute when there’s new content. Maybe there’s a way for you to tap into that :thinking:

The alternative is to create some front-end code using the fetch API and request it from a specific route within your site every so often. Less efficient but more attainable.

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