Auden - Ghost 3.0 Membership Theme (Dark & Light)

Hello all,

We released a new premium Ghost Theme: Auden
Details & Download

Feel free to get in contact in case of questions.

Thank you.


Awesome theme, just purchased now.

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Glad you like it, don’t hesitate to contact me in case of questions.

Hi Biron Themes, What is the easiest way to make it full time darkmode?

So you would like to not have the button for switching it dark/light?

Currently the theme detects the user preference, if you want to ignore that and make it dark:

  • edit the theme-config.hbs partial (delete/comment line 3-6 where color preference is handled)
  • edit default.hbs file (on the tag, change data-theme from “light” to “dark”)
  • finally in header.hbs partial you can remove/comment the theme switching icons (line 18-27)

Let me know if you have any issues.

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Hello Again! How would i remove this blank space between the Author & Vimeo Video?
Is it something todo with the iframe or theme?

Hello, Send me a link please and i will take a look.

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Sent you a DM!

The theme was updated with some new features:

This theme is look superb, it’s one of my favorites, could you please explain the benefits for progressive web app with some use cases.


Thanks @Giannis.

The main advantages would be:

  • the app can be installed (on the mobile home screen, or desktop)
  • the app can be accessed offline
  • improved performance

In the latest version of Auden we added Cove plugin for commenting, you can see it live on the demo page.

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Boom! :heart: