Authors, Tags are not returned via API if not associated with a published post


I noticed that when requesting all authors or all tags with the new API, any authors or tags who are not associated with any published posts are not included in the returned results. In fact, requesting an individual author using the /authors/{id} endpoint returns nothing too, unless that author has published something.

Is that expected behavior? I don’t see it documented, and I’d expect to have all authors returned regardless of whether or not they’ve published an article yet. If that’s intended, maybe I could create a PR with a small note in the docs?


It’s definitely intended behavior - an author is a user who has published posts. If I’m not mistaken, the admin API has support for fetching all users. It hasn’t been released yet although it should be soon.


It is documented here:

Authors that are not associated with a post are not returned.
Tags that are not associated with a post are not returned.


Wow, yep it’s right there… totally missed it. Thanks!

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