Automated test / screenshots / various browser and OS

Hello folks,

As I manage many websites build on Ghost and support many Ghost Themes, I’m at a point where I want to automatically do tests.

This will help me to tests two main scenarios:

  • update Ghost itself
  • update a theme (I support about 9 at this point and many more are in the pipeline)

Here is the scenario I have in mind.

  1. Have a bot to navigate many pre-defined web pages:
  • Discover Ghost on play-with-ghost
  • etc.
  1. I’ll do these tests on 10 demo sites (Ghost theme live demo) as well to test if the themes are not broken.

  2. Have the bot do full page screenshots of those pages in many resolutions (1366px, 800px, 540px). Then, do this again over different browsers + different OS

  1. Once this whole crawling thing is automatically done, I want to see as quickly as possible if these screenshots looks right. Mark this execution test as Done.

  2. In a perfect world, the system would open a PR in Github that the team can accept or refuse. Technically, it would be a link that points to the execution tests in a markdown file.

@pascalandy it sounds like you want to use something like

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Thanks for jumping in @Kevin ! I didn’t knew percy :slight_smile: So far it looks like a decent solution!