Backup ghost content without admin access

I have a ghost blog running for some time on my VPS. Unfortunately while trying to setup something along side it I killed the MySQL with no way back.

What I need to do is reinstall my VPS but the problem is how do I backup the posts without admin access. Because If I go to my admin page I get a 500 error with this message:

select `users`.* from `users` inner join `roles_users` on `users`.`id` = `roles_users`.`user_id` inner join `roles` on `roles_users`.`role_id` = `roles`.`id` where `roles`.`name` = 'Owner' limit 1 - ER_NO_SUCH_TABLE: Table 'ghost_production.roles_users' doesn't exist

I have root access to my VPS but I can’t find where the data is stored. I can see that my client is mysql and the database is ghost_production but I can’t find it anywhere… Even looked in /var/lib/mysql

Note that the site is currently working without a problem.