Better contrast for expandable section (Ruby)

My blog is using the Ruby theme.

I have an expandable section vaguely near the top of this article. I just checked it out, and realized that the caret indicating that the section is expandable is a very light shade of grey, almost invisible. I am sure many people missed it, especially with the bold black text to its left.

This is a request to the team working on Ruby and a notice to all others: it should be immediately obvious that the expandable section is expandable, otherwise it kind of just looks like a headline for a section that doesn’t exist.

Try that.

I don’t need help finding a selector, I am on Ghost Pro’s starter plan, either the default theme is fixed or it isn’t.

You’re on the Starter plan? That means you can solve this with code injection.

oh yeah! thank you! It’s still a little thin and could be more visible, but turning it to black definitely helped.

still, I meant this as feedback to whoever is currently maintaining the theme, since I believe the best solution will come from them.

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