BeyondWords problem

I try to add BeyondWords into my self hosted ghost. However I get a

{ "type":"validation_error",
 "message":"Validation error: Admin key Resource not found",
    "object": "id":56882,  "project_id":19703,
    "title_voice_id":null,  "admin_key":"<secret...>",
   "details":{"admin_key":[{"error":"Resource not found"}]}

when I press the “Test”-button in the BeyondWords Dashboard.
Could it be because my ghost-site is self hosted?

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Hm, any ideas? From BeyondWords I got the message that

“this is an error on your side, your admin api routing doesn’t work at your domain”.

What does it mean in detail? I just setup ghost with docker behind a traefik reverse proxy. works fine. So what did I wrong?


I would confirm that your admin key from Ghost is correct. It’ll be in SettingsIntegrations.

These are the two log lines when I press the “Test” button in BeyondWords Dashboard:

unfiltered_1 | [2022-12-06 20:39:10] INFO “GET /ghost/api/admin/site/” 404 2ms
unfiltered_1 | [2022-12-06 20:39:10] INFO “GET /ghost/api/admin/posts” 404 1ms

I use the Version 4.3.3 .

There seems to be something wrong with your setup, as your API routes aren’t accessible. You’re also on an outdated version of Ghost. Please upgrade to version 5.

Okay, will upgrade on weekend. Thank you.

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Great. Check back on your progress!