{{body_class}} usage with members/signup/signin pages

I just went to do some template styling on the /signup and /signin pages and noticed that the {{body_class}} helper doesn’t export anything on those pages, but rather

<body class="">

Might something like the class .members-template be added to the {{body_class}} helper in the future? Or is this perhaps an issue due to Routes usage?

Having thought about this a bit further I got an idea for a workaround: the {{#has}} helper.

Specifically, I figured that I could insert some {{#has}} info into the class="" portion of the <body> tag to detect the slug of a page and then insert the class members-template. So I tried this:

<body class='{{ body_class }}{{#page}}{{#has slug="signup"}} members-template{{/has}}{{/page}}'>

But the class didn’t appear. So I replaced the {{#has slug="signup"}} portion with the following variants:

{{#has slug="/signup"}}
{{#has slug="members/signup"}}
{{#has slug="/members/signup"}}

None of those worked either.

Wanting to verify that my idea even worked I then tried experimenting on a non-members page, /about. So I tried

<body class='{{ body_class }}{{#page}}{{#has slug="about"}} about-template{{/has}}{{/page}}'>

as well as tried out usage of the variant

{{#has slug="/about"}} 

which didn’t work either.

Can anybody tell me if I’m doing something completely wrong here?

p.s. If anybody from the Ghost team is reading this, I think there’s a typo on the has helper docs page, that being a couple of quotations that are missing:

Looks like a good solution to me :ok_hand: