Brevz - Easy Push Notifications for Ghost Blog

Hi everyone ! :wave:

My name is Anthony. I’ve been following the ghost project on Github for a while now and I was also present as a passive reader for a while on the subreddit and on the forum.

While I was hanging around I was surprised that there was no solution to easily re-engage & send native notifications to its readers, the existing solutions are often too e-commerce oriented & you usually need to be a dev to use that.

As Ghost didn’t offer it (not only Ghost by the way) I created Brevz, a web application that allows you to send notifications very easily to your visitors to announce them new content or to propose them to finish an article they started but didn’t finish (and lots of possibilities via the available tools).

A small article I wrote to explain Brevz & how to install it on Ghost What the heck is Brevz ?

What can you do with Brevz?

  • Have a custom and user-friendly opt-in for notifications

  • Send notifications to your users

  • Segment your users to better target the ones you are interested in

  • Notify visitors who started reading your articles but stopped after a period of time, this is a great way to re-engage visitors who got distracted while reading one of your articles

  • Changelogs on your site to communicate changes in your application to your visitors

  • And much more to come with our powerful design, you’ll be able to create any workflows that you want.

Brevz comes with several plans and it’s free as long as you don’t exceed 2,500 unique visitors per month otherwise it’s $49 for 25,000! If you want to know more it’s here !

Brevz is an attempt to boost visitor engagement and satisfaction within blogs! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

(If you think you have already read this post, it was also published on reddit)