Build a Ghost site in Zerops in a matter of minutes

Something that could be interesting for fans of the Ghost CMS platform and, in general, for developers in the world of OSS Cloud technologies, all set in context with the capabilities of Zerops PaaS.

just quick question why you are using mariadb instead of Mysql

It’s because of the MySQL licensing. At the end of this list of GPL merits, there are a few demerits (for commercial applications). If you wish to use a GPL program as the basis for a commercial product, you must again make your source code freely available.

Zerops is not fully OSS now because of security reasons (some parts are, as zCLI, for example). The databases (MariaDB and PostgreSQL) are fully managed Zerops services. A user can install any SW he wants, including the MySQL database. Still, there are areas like HA mode, performance optimization, backups, integration inside the Zerops secured private network, and others where a fully-managed service is a big plus.

The community edition is open source and may be used for commercial applications. It is licensed under the GPL V2 (identical to MariaDB.)

Of course, if you are altering the source code for commercial purposes, you need to make these changes available, but that is no different to MariaDB.

MariaDB isn’t officially supported by Ghost, and breaking changes are likely. Indeed, there were some issues for MariaDB users with the the most recent update.

@mjw Thank you for your comment. I rechecked the actual license terms. You are correct; both products are still under the GPL V2 license. Zerops does not modify the MariaDB source code, so MySQL could also be used if it was decided so. MariaDB was chosen historically and with the inclusion of multiple factors, including insights related to licensing changes that occurred in the case of the MongoDB and Elasticsearch projects.

By the way, it would be great if Ghost would support the PostgreSQL database. Any plans for it in the near future?

Hey there @mlapis, before I signup and test this, what is your lowest monthly rate for hosting a Ghost instance?

Hi @denvergeeks. First of all, you have a $20 free credit. Then it depends on the exact resources used (vCPUs, RAM, DISK), counted every 5 seconds.

I guess that the average cost for the instance (db + s3 + app) could be about $10 per month.

@denvergeeks It’s also worth mentioning that, actually, there are two Zerops instances. One in the Contabo data centrum in St. Louis/US, and the other in Prague/EU ( The prices are equivalent. The reason to choose one of them can be the connection latency or legal requirements, like EU GDPR legislation.

Thanks – here are the resources that Ghost needs (this chart is from Digital Ocean):

How does your chart compare?

What would be comparable usage on Zerops?

@denvergeeks Zerops is more dynamic in terms of resource costs. Without any change, you can cover significant load peaks that last only a short time and, at the same time, spend very little during times when traffic is much less and still keep the average around $10 per month. You don’t need to choose any plan.

An entire instance is never associated with just one physical machine. Everything is distributed on different physical devices so that each instance of db, storage, or app (the same is true for HA mode) is guaranteed to be on a different HW.

It might be interesting to do an apples-to-apples test with two identical test sites running for a month.

Otherwise this might be a tough sell.

Another thing you could do, if your value proposition is the relative simplicity of site setup and management, is to make a video showing someone all the way through setting up a Ghost site.

Yep, great idea. Thanks. It’s certainly something that could be valuable for users or developers. I’ll try to find some time to prepare something similar.

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@denvergeeks @mjw Are there any statistics on what platforms Ghost instances are hosted on and how this changes over time?

@mlapis that is certainly a good question that I wish I could answer for you. You could consider asking the larger community here by posting this question as its own Topic.

I’ll do it. It could be really interesting to know more about it.

I’ll do it. It would be exciting to know more about it.