Build a new plugin for Deaf people

Good day,

I’m Michael Heuberger, a Deaf programmer from New Zealand, and have developed a WordPress plugin to support Sign Language in web forms. It’s so wonderful. With this plugin you can add a video input inside any web form. Like that, Deaf people can submit forms in Sign Language, which improves accessibility greatly.


I’d like to do the same for your popular ghost CMS. Imagine contact forms or order forms where Deaf people can fill out in their native language, namely Sign Language. I bet it will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Do you think you could forward this email to any ghost developer who might be interested in this little project? It will do good for Deaf people and much more.

I would help to develop together, but have zero experience with ghost. I’d need help during the early phase, on how to lay out a foundation, to test it locally, to build and to release it.

Many thanks :)