Building a Website with Semplice - Can Ghost be the host?

I am planing to build a personal website with a blog section with Semplice which is actually wordpress-based. Yet I would like to have the smallest ghost-pro hosting to go online with this website. Because I really like the concept of Ghost (carbon-neutral, non-profit) Is it possible?

Thank you for Answering!
Im still young and new to building websites, so Im sorry if this is a weird question.

Semplice is essentially a custom WordPress theme, so no, it cannot be used with Ghost or Ghost(Pro).

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I am curious about the same thing, and have seen that The DESK Magazine that is powered by Ghost uses Semplice. How is this possible?

It looks like the root domain uses WordPress with Semplice, and the blog, Ghost, so I imagine the author has created a custom Ghost theme based on Semplice.