Can Ghost 4.0 be installed in a production environment?

I’m starting up a new Ghost site and I was wondering if I can install v 4.0 rc2 in a production environment (Ubuntu 20, nginx, etc.) or for now it can only be installed locally? I’ve looked around but I didn’t see any install instructions and I see the file/folder structure is different as compared to the standard install. Thanks.

There should be no problem. Ofcourse a release candidate isn’t suited for a production environment. I installed 3.42.0 and migrated to 4.0.0-rc0 and later did the same procedure for the update to 4.0.0-rc1.

So you still need to install standard version and then migrate to 4.0, Where is the info about migration to 4.0? I know RC is not suited for production environment, but I just wanna play with it a bit (have multiple sites started and not really in use, even though they’re in a “production” environment so I can break them. :slight_smile:

:warning: Fair warning, this is a Release Candidate. Although it’s very close to what the Final 4.0 version will look like it does not guaranteed all the stability of the normal version. Have fun with caution!


Will the 4.0 version be released in March or in April?

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You should never install an alpha or RC version of Ghost in a production environment unless it’s for the purposes of testing something with the intention of throwing the instance away.

These versions come with unfinished database changes and no migration path to the final 4.0 version. That means you may end up with a corrupt database or one that you have to manually fix. We would not publish instructions for how to do this.

There are also no instructions for how to install or migrate to an Alpha or RC because these are purely for development and testing purposes and not intended for general use. There are ways to install the alpha/RC versions using Ghost CLI but they are deliberately undocumented.

So yeah, play with it in production at your own risk :grimacing:

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Don’t worry :slight_smile: just the server was production (I didn’t want to install it just locally), the site is for testing purposes. :slight_smile:

I managed to install 4.0 and will play around with it, thank you all for the hints and friendly warnings. :slight_smile:

I think by the time the next major rolls around we’ll have a clear way to do this for theme developers - that’s an obvious use case we don’t handle well atm.

But yeah for now, this comes without docs and with lots of warnings because we don’t want people to break their sites :see_no_evil: