Can I create pages to house specific tags?

Hey all,

I’m looking to install the Reiro theme by Fueko and I have a question about tag sorting.

Am I able to create a page or collection on the site to house a group of related tags?

If I was writing about Travel (just an example), as well as having the posts appear on the homepage with their tags I’d like to be able to create a collection called Travel, attach it to its own page so that when a user clicks on the Travel page they would see all of the relevant tags (e.g. Spain, Brazil, Ireland etc etc), each one with all of their related posts inside.

Is this possible?

Correct me if I’m wrong but right now, if I tagged each post as Travel and Spain, when a user goes to the Tag section of the site they will see all the posts under travel and all the posts under Spain.

I’d like to organize it a bit better if possible.

I don’t want these posts to be removed from the homepage or anything. I’d just like to create an additional section where someone could click through to see everything segregated.

Or, am I trying to be too organized and should I allow all tags to live side by side (regardless of hierarchy) in the tag section?:

Cheers in advance.

You’re going to need to edit the theme, but yes, you could create a custom index page that pulls specific tags.

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