Can I 'filter' the front page?

Hi there,

Am using the ‘Digest’ theme on my site at:

There are posts I’d like to ‘restrict’ my front page to only updating when I publish my newsletter - can I specify the category that goes to the Front Page? And leave other posts to land in the bacground without updating the front page.

I cannot find this anywhere in settings.


You can set your front-page loop to only get posts within a certain category (lets say newsletter).

So you use the {{#get}} helper to fetch this tag alone.

Code could look like this (very basic)

{{#get "posts" limit="all" filter="tag:newsletter" include="authors"}}

You can do what @sergiovolt suggests, but that’s going to break pagination on some themes. I’d look instead at setting up custom routes.yaml, which will use the existing theme’s index.hbs code. Here’s the documentation: Ghost Themes - Dynamic URLs & Routing

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