Can SSL be activated for a digital IP adress (not for domain name)?

Hello. I am not a specialist and I have to start a site on my own. It’s now in test mode ( ) and I don’t want to assign it to the domain name yet (while it’s in test mode since then I’ll move it to Linode). Is it possible to make SSL work for IP adress ( And if yes, what should be the steps?
Thank you.

OS: Ubuntu, v16.04 LTS
Ghost Version: 4.9
AWS es2 with ssl protocol enabled.

How were you able to run it from a subfolder?
Do you use apache, if yes what’s the config?
(sorry for asking this but I asked a question for this and this right here would pop up)

I’m not sure I understand the question. To run SSL? I havent run it yet (I don’t know how to do). Or do you mean anything else? I also don’t know what Apache is, sorry.


Your question can be answered as ‘No’, as technically self signed certificates can be produced but CA’s will not sign IP based certificates. I’m assuming you will get a cert from a trusted CA(many people use Lets Encrypt for free certs - which requires a bit of work and only valid for 3 months)

But your question also brings up a few questions about your setup. It’s not clear what you are tying to achieve so some clarification is needed. You may not have thought through all little details of the architecture, so if you can give a bit more info about what you are trying to do, we may be more helpful.

First off, have you built a test (pre-production) site so far? Are you planning to create another site for production? How are you planning to migrate to production (which you also indicated you are thinking about changing your hosting provider)

Usually, you would have at least one pre-prod site(call it what you want), make sure your setup works, document it, and then build a production site off of that (hopefully with some sort of automation, if not at least a bit of procedure written down so you can replicate easily). In this case you would have a subdomain( for test site with production site taking the main domain ( . So you would acquire SSL certificates with those site names(you can order one certificate per site or you can order a wildcard certificate)

Thank you for your reply. A bit more info.

I’ve being waiting till some event takes place (unfortunately I can not specify which one here) to start my project. The project will be promoted via YouTube, and first visitors on site will be only from YouTube (those who’ll watch my videos there and decide to join or support). The videos are not published yet either (just some samples only, I’m waiting for the moment). When it happens I’ll take the site I have now (the one I call “test mode site” and maybe what you call “pre-production”, the one which is on almost as it is and copy it (what I call migrate) from AWS to Linode. That’s when I’ll assign the domain name and start using it as a production site (if it’s a correct word) and from that moment visitors can join as volunteers to develop the new site from scratch since it’s going to be a multilingual project. So I’d summarize it now as I’m waiting till the moment when I can start with the simplest possible site (which I have now) where I can ask visitors for volunteering and donating so that then to start totally new site with all the potential for a multilingual site.
The reasons I wanted to use SSL now are

  1. I wanted to learn how to do it and

  2. sometimes I give different people the link and I have to explain something like “your browser can say it’s not secure but don’t wary, it’s secure”, if you know what I mean.

Since you explained that it’s too complicated I’ll just forget about it now. Thus I got the answer I needed.
I’ll keep waiting till the event takes place and then I’ll probably ask someone to help to arrange everything on Linode. I’m not happy that I’m using Ubuntu 16 when it’s possible to use 20 or at least 18, but when I first tried to do one of those I failed with MySQL (there are some extra steps with database password or name or something else). I also couldn’t enter as an administrator (or what they call it) to create another username at the start (and I even don’t know if it’s really important). So I plan to ask someone to help with that when the moment comes and when the project stars invite web developers via the site to join the project to make it big.

As I said you’ve answered my question and I want to thank you again.
Thank you.