Can't Edit (Twitter/FB) Card Title/Description - Bug or By Design?


Running the latest 2.x of Ghost, I’m noticing that I cannot edit / customize either the Twitter or FB card titles/description once the meta title/description have been populated. I can put the cursor in the field but it behaves as if read-only (also, the text in the field is a little darker, giving me the sense the field is disabled).

Is this a bug or by design? I kind of need the Meta Title customization (for SEO) independent of what the Twitter or FB card title is.

If it is “By Design”, can I understand the rationale? Perhaps I’m missing the bigger picture.


@hholmes98 it’s not intended to do what you describe and I’m unable to reproduce this in latest Chrome or Safari. The placeholder for the FB/Twitter Title fields will change to match the Meta Title text but that shouldn’t make the field read-only.

Can you share the browser version that you are using and possibly a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


Chrome: Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Reproducible in Firefox Quantum: 62.0 (64-bit)

Bit more info (while attempting to grab the screenshot)

  • the text is definitely darker (it now appears as if to convey “this text was pre-populated for you!” not “DISABLED”), and clicking anywhere in the field doesn’t appear to have a reaction (the cursors remains fixed/blinking at the start of the field). From a use-case perspective, my natural first instinct is to focus the field, then press the “End” key to jump to the portion of the title that is cut off. The “Del” key similarly doesn’t respond.

  • If I click in the field and press the spacebar or begin typing, everything clears out and the field begins to behave again.

So, if my process is: 1. Click the field, 2. Press “End” to jump to end of the field, and then 3. Start pressing the “Del” to delete some characters…none of this works.

But! If my process is: 1. Click the field, 3. Ignore whatever’s in there already and just start typing away…this behaves as expected.

Remember! When trying to reproduce this, you must be working against a Twitter/FB card whose title/description have been prepopulated from the Meta Data. If you fill out the Twitter/FB cards first, or manage to successfully work around this (using the technique I describe above), you won’t reproduce this - everything will behave beautifully.


What you are describing is standard browser behaviour rather than anything Ghost is doing.


I see…It’s using the placeholder attribute to convey what’s planning to appear there (if nothing changes). I get this now. The ux definitely threw me off – by seeing the text, I got it in my head that I was able to start manipulating it, when there was never actually anything in the value to begin with.

Thank you for helping clear this up!


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