Case (in)sensitive -> error 404

Hi guys.

I have a Ghost in container which reports:

[2023-12-18 15:15:09] INFO "GET /assets/images/why-is-gomora.png/" 404 10ms
[2023-12-18 15:15:09] INFO "GET /assets/fonts/cascadiamono-regular.otf/" 404 11ms
[2023-12-18 15:15:09] INFO "GET /assets/fonts/ankacoder-c87-r.ttf/" 404 12ms

where another Ghost container, on the same computer says:

[2023-12-18 14:48:07] INFO "GET /assets/fonts/CascadiaMono-Regular.otf" 200 16ms

In that first case it’s naturally an issue – Ghost or something “flattens” chars capitalization – as indeed there are no such files present.
Is it a matter of some setting, some tweaking I’m missing or changed which results in such - in my mind - unexpected behaviour?

many thanks, L

Perhaps this just Ghost log these things inconsistently, meaning success as it should but such errors Ghosts “flattens” file names?
But if that is the case and and Ghost looks for right file names - then what might make Ghost not see/get these files?
I don’t not see any usual culprit such as “access denied”.

The 404s make sense since the assets are being requested with a trailing slash. This happens because Ghost enforces trailing slashes on all requests, with the exception of assets. As you mentioned, asset names are case sensitive (though that might be OS-specific).

It does not make much sense to me - like I said: two Ghost containers with the same mapped volume structure, both injecting:

    .gh-main {
            linear-gradient(rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.95), rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.95)),
            url("/assets/images/why-is-gomora.png") !important;

One container shows no error & web browser sees the thing but the other container does the opposite, shows that errors.
Both containers call the same path (separate volumes for each container) and Ghost shows errors.
Is there something in the database which might affect these bits? Or, what else?

Ok, I think I narrowed it down a bit - that one ghost-container is not happy with -
Filename of why_is_gomora.png poses no problem there, so it seems.

Perhaps @devel could comment - bare in mind, the other container is happy with hyphened file name. (same underlaying env, same db, same image)

Also could devel comment what I mentioned - that Ghost when errors out seems to flatten capitalization which can be very confusing.

I’m on Centos 9 running these Ghosts.

I think I has something (exclusively?) to do with locale which form me - when Ghost errors out as above - is pl
Should this be made a bug report?