Casper 4.0.4 hide featured image in Post (via code injection)?

I’m on the Starter pricing plan with one of my blogs, and theme uploaded isn’t allowed (only official themes via auto-install) — is there a way to hide the Featured image in the blog post via code inject?

I’d like to hide it from the post page …

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi @Peter_Kos ,

You should be able to hide it with this code injection:

.post-full-image { display: none; }

Hi @bironthemes — for some strange reason, it doesn’t work :frowning:

I even tried injecting it into both: the site-wide code injection, as well as with the post-only.


I just checked and in your case the class is article-image, so the injection should be:

.article-image { display: none; }

Oh, thank you so much!!

Can you advise how to find that out quickly? —I tried looking at Chrome’s Developer tools, but haven’t found it … is there a quick trick? ;-_

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If I understand correctly, a sophisticated user would still be able to download the photo. So, this should NOT be used as a privacy feature, just as a layout adjustment (hack), right?

Well the fastest way is to right click on the element and then “Inspect element”:

This way you should see your element selected in the Developer tools and the corresponding css to it below.

Well, yes, that is correct. If you really want to remove it from the source code, than you have to edit the template file (probably post.hbs).

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Even if you hide pictures in the post.hbs template, it can leak via the RSS feed and probably other ways. But, that’s not the topic of this post - just wanted to make sure nobody’s fooled like me into thinking ghost is private (or easy to make private). They only provide a paywall level of privacy (for data you’re willing to share with anyone paying stranger), not a personal level of privacy (data you only want to share with certain close connections no matter what).