Casper Modification (disable gulp?)

Hi everyone, I am working to modify casper as my theme for my project. However when i try to modify the CSS files nothing happens. I dug deeper and it seems that is because casper uses GULP to package changes, and it would appear if i dont run the gulp actions/tasks then the final files are not produced in their directory. Is there an easy way for me to disable gulp? I am not experienced enough to use it and would just prefer modifying the files myself for now.

It might be easier to add styles via site-wide code injection - the way Casper uses Gulp is to process the css and produce a minified output (in the built folder). You could add something like

.firebrick {background: firebrick}
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If the Code Injection route isn’t sufficient you don’t have to use gulp with Casper. If you’d rather edit CSS files directly you can edit the files in the assets/built folder instead of assets/css. In that case it may be best to delete the assets/css folder and gulpfile.js so that there’s no confusion and your changes don’t get overwritten.

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FYI i went with a tip from a developer friend and included my own .css file with changes in code injection.

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