[Casper] Successful member signup results in another session being reported

When looking at landing page traffic in Google Analytics, /?action=signup&success=true shows up as a landing page. It’s unlikely that users are arriving at this page. My suspicion is that they arrive elsehwere, sign-up successfully and that the “success” URL for some reasons shows up as another session. This is inflating traffic and misreporting engagement.

Are you sure this is a bug? If you just need help, post in the developer help category. If it’s a feature request, head to the ideas category.

Issue Summary

  • Pageviews for the membership signup are resulting in new sessions in analytics
  • I would expect that pageview to be aggregated to the user’s actual sessions and not start a new one

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log-in to Google Analytics
  2. Go to Behavior>Landing pages
  3. Look for /?action=signup&success=true

Setup information

Ghost Version
Ghost Pro`

This is not a bug. That link is arrived at by clicking an email.

This may open in a different browser, possibly one in embedded in an email app, so it is in fact a different session.

Analytics are never going to be perfect. Other sessions will be missed due to browser extensions some use that block Matomo from working, so it balances out some.

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