Change Header Menu Font Size? / External Links In New Tab


how is it possible to change the font size in Header Menu - Desktop & Mobile?

And one more question: How i can make external link that open in a new tap?

Big thanks for help :grin:

Best, Dake

Hi @dake,

You should share some details, like which theme you are using, or the URL of your site.

For the external links, you can add the following in your Admin > Code Injection > Site footer:

document.querySelectorAll('a').forEach(link => {
   if(link.hostname != window.location.hostname) = '_blank';


I’ll try Casper to see if it suits me:

  • i will change the font size on header desktop & mobile
  • and is there a option to have a sticky header menu?
  • i it possible to have a tags page on casper like this: Tags

Big thanks for your help :muscle:

Best, Dake

To change the menu items font size:

<style>.gh-head-menu a { font-size: 20px; }</style>

You can change the 20px value to what you need, if you want to force it for the mobile menu too, then you can add 20px!important

TO make the menu sticky:

<style>.gh-head { position: sticky; top: 0; }</style>

The tag page is a bit more complicated, you have write some code for it in a template file. You can search the forum and you might find some helpful guides for that.

i added the code Advanced-> Code injection but boths not work

Best, Dake

My bad, I had a typo in it (an additional . symbol), now the codes should work.