Changing "Ghost Admin" display text in Trello

My company has two separately-hosted blogs (both Ghost) and they are both going to be referenced frequently in our Trello. To reduce confusion, I would like to change the display text of Ghost Admin to Ghost Admin | Product #1 and Ghost Admin | Product 2. But I don’t know how the text Ghost Admin is determined by Trello in the first place.

Has anyone done this before? Is there some meta tag that’s possible to edit or something?


Trello is fetching the URL and parsing the title tag.

You could search the TryGhost organization on GitHub for the string “Ghost Admin” to find where it’s embedded in the code and if it might be configurable.

Including the blog title in the title tag there seems like a good idea.

Ahh and Trello can’t log in so it’s fetching the title of the login page not the actual article - that was the bit I couldn’t figure out, because none of the articles actually has the text “Ghost Admin” in its title.

Thanks so much for the reply!