Churnkey Integration

I’m the CTO at

There have been around a dozen requests for Churnkey to integrate with Ghost. Ideally, we would work with the Ghost team to build a native cancel flow within the existing Ghost account management UI, rather than adding additional UI components alongside Ghost’s subscription components. Is there someone from the Ghost team that we could speak with in an effort to accomplish this?

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We are working on an email based cancel flow - so instead of needing to run server side code to generate an HMAC, the cancel flow will prompt the user for their email and Churnkey will automatically send them a verification code for authentication.

Practically speaking, this means that as long as you use Stripe and can add a JS snippet to connect a “Cancel” button to triggering the Churnkey script, you’ll be good to go.

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Has no one with Ghost got back to you? There are thousands of us needing this feature. Right now they request we use zapier which is a joke as there are no analytic and its very limited. A way to email people based upon Free Trial Ending, Cancellation, Member Updated, Member Upgraded, etc etc is something we all need so badly. is the only service I have found for this issue and its very pricy for the tier everyone needs as they requires year payment only for that feature.