CommentBox alternative to Disqus

No comments recieved anymore… must look for an other solution.

I am using ISSO Comment System - Easy to install and Maintain
Minimal and Less features compare to commento but it’s enough for comment system

another alternative - utterances

Any new information?
In the end it seems that Disqus is always the best at the moment.
Although I personally never liked it.


After you install commento, just go to your account dashboard and in settings, change notification to “whenever a new comment is created”.

If you need help installing commento, you can check a tutorial i did:

Hope it helps

you should! it works like a charm for me. Let me know if you need any help.

I have tested almost all systems, and i think Commento is the best option. Fast, private, customizable and efficient.

it seems to me to be paid Commento Pricing

I have tested almost all systems

In case you tested Talkyard (edit: updated link to the about-blog-comments page), it’d be interesting to hear what maybe didn’t work or you didn’t like about it

Best wishes anyway with the blog. B.t.w. curious about if you use self hosted Commento?

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Thanks! I’m paying for the service actually.

Honestly, Talkyard is awesome, but it just felt overwhelming to me. If I’m using both things, the comment section and a forum, i would probably go for it without hesitation.

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Hi Greg, Thanks for the reply :- )
Hmm makes me think that the website is confusing / “complicated”, for people looking for blog comments, but instead might find lots of things about discussion forum features. Good to know

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i agree! that could be an opportunity. I’m glad to be of help!

Like many OSS project they offer a hosted version.

Thanks, not bad, it would be interesting to be able to connect with Ghost to be able to log in with the ghost account. founder here.

Thanks for the shoutout! Glad to hear that you like Commento a lot :slight_smile:

It is. Commento does not have a free plan because it’s not sustainable – you’re the user, not the product.

Most free products almost always tend to fall into the trap of advertising and selling user data to third party, and I don’t want Commento to ever do that. By being entirely user-supported, Commento is already profitable and will be around for a long time (I now also have a strong financial motivation to maintain it).


After a couple of attempts of trying to get commento installed (self-hosted), I finally managed to get it done.

It is a shame the binaries are no longer accessible.

Maybe something on that should be sorted out or reference to them removed from the docs if they are no longer going to be available.

If anyone is interested in self-hosting Commento, here are the steps I took to get it working:


Your write up is appreciated as I may be embarking on this journey soon myself.


Appreciate it. :heart:

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Binaries are now back since Commento updated to v1.8.0 - I updated the blog post

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I’m using GCP and installed Ghost on bitnami stack. Is it possible to install commnto on that stack along with Ghost or should I install it on another server?

I have ghost X 4 installed on a $10 Digital Ocean droplet with Commento installed also