Commento integration page gone

Up until a few days ago, there were instructions on how to integrate Commento into a Ghost blog here:

However, this page seems to have been very recently removed and now returns a 404. The most recent snapshot on the Web archive is from a few days ago:

It’d be good to get that page back online for Ghost users to easily start using Commento. Thanks!

Hey there!

We removed this integration because the service has been unreliable for our users (including some of our team) and unfortunately we didn’t get any response from their support team about the issues we’ve been seeing.

Of course we want to feature only the most useful and reliable tools in our integrations library. If we can get in touch with Commento to iron out the issues we’ve seen, then we may consider reinstating this integration.

If you happen to know someone on their team do let them know :slight_smile: