Confused about 301 redirects after changing domain

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Hi gang! I’m using Ghost Pro. I initially had two websites:

  1., my ghost(pro) site
  2., a static site run off Netlify

In both cases, I’m using Netlify to manage my DNS.

I decided to consolidate on I’ve changed the Ghost(Pro) custom domain and is working great. But there’s a big 404 error on

I’d like to set up 301 redirects to send all traffic to I have NO idea how to do that - the redirects.yaml file only seems to redirect internally on the same base domain.

Does anyone know what I should be doing to fix this? Thanks so much for your help!

You should reach out to Ghost (Pro) support since they can give you more specific advise :slight_smile:

That being said, the reason your old site is getting a DNS error is because there’s nothing being hosted from Ghost (Pro)'s point of view. So adding redirects to your new site won’t do anything because the old site never talks to the new one.

You could host your old website on Netlify and add a redirect rule that redirects all traffic to your new one - Sites with multiple domains | Netlify Docs, or Ghost (Pro) support might be able to either do it for you or get you on the right track

Thank you for the very helpful response! I’ll try that. You’re the best!

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