Custom fields for posts

Sure thing! My blog and its posts used to be at, and they’re now at, with the “” portion being the exact same.

@Stromfeldt if you’ve moved your blog posts and have 301 redirects set up then you should not be trying to set the canonical to point at the “old” URL, that’s a misuse of the canonical tag and will hurt your SEO, the canonical should be left as the default so that your posts are self-referencing.


Hello @naz, thanks for the explanation! However, I think I may have left out the intention behind my intended usage of the canonical function in that long screed of mine. As I stated in another comment I left in this topic last year,

This link mentions a bit about transferring one’s old share stats from a http URL to a https URL, but it requires one to be able to temporarily change the canonical URL to http in order to get it to work – which is exactly what my “Bug #1” was stating that I can’t currently do. Is there any way that the http syntax (rather than just https) could be allowed in the canonical input box?

p.s. I’ve now updated to version 2.18.1, and for whatever reason the “Bug #2” I mentioned is no longer occurring. :smile:

It’s not related to canonical tag, I’m still trying to track it down but as you’ve experienced it’s not consistent at all so it’s a difficult one to pin on anything in particular.

Any update on whether you can add custom fields to posts yet, or if this is in development?


Canonical url is automatically converted into the same protocol your Ghost instance is using if it detects same domain. If your preferred option is https why not point from old http posts to new https ones?

If you still really need to point backwards to http, the only way would be modifying canonical_url field for those posts on db layer (note saving that post from admin UI will override the protocol back to https)

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I don’t understand why this hasn’t been added yet. Custom fields is a feature that was added to WP ages ago.


I would also like to extend both the post content type and also the user content type (e.g. add a LinkedIn field on authors). +1 from me for this feature request.

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Any updates on this? I have some external content, and It would be great to have a way to define “URL” post types

add this and navigation dropdown and position change

This is a key issue that effects my next site build. If I am hamstrung by the lack of custom fields I won’t be able to complete my site :frowning:


the original question(custom fields) are forgotten…=/
I follow this from github to here, to find nothing

In moment i think that create a filed to store a json (as mobiledoc) in one migration and use to store adicional properties.

Search can be done indexing api content.

Any update from Ghost team about this topic? It would be very nice to add some basic additional field, for example an url field for linkblog style post. (I tried insert links to the title field, or simple post without title field, but non of them work.
The simplicity of Ghost could make it very very suitable for microblogging (link post types, short post without title, etc.) but it is not applicable without customisable fields for posts :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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Hey…that’s a neat feature! I was worrying about this when setting up my Gatsby site, but it magically worked :smile:


Repetita but missing a simple and elegant feature where we could create some custom-fields (in yaml for example) and add them via the post page.



  type: {array,string,number,custom} # natives types / customizable via attributes
    type: text
    minlength: 2
    maxlength: 54
  type: array
    type: text
    required: true
  validation: /^(ftp|http|https):\/\/[^]+$/
  hint: Add here some videos URLs

Then, custom-fields are availables in the post sidebar and served in a JSON attribute.


The lack of custom fields greatly limits how Ghost can be used. Perhaps it’s intentional to keep things simple for the target audience, but it’s difficult to put Ghost in the same league as other CMS platforms for anything but the most trivial of sites.


It’s really funny when topic started from idea of custom fields for posts and then moved to conversation about posts urls.

I want to support topic starter. We need custom fields for posts or some API or tooling for doing this thing.


nothing yet?

This is an amazing idea!
I know some people want to stay with minimal feature and interface, but some others need a bit of advanced feature of their publishing projects. Considering that, .yaml is the best place to do so.

My use case would add social media post links so that people can easily share or interact there. For the social media such as Instagram, pinterest and Tumblr, I prefer people to interact on my existing posts rather than create their own.

As my needs are very specific, .yaml setting would be perfect for me!

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I’m dying to have the ability to add custom fields too.

While I do agree that Wordpress went a bit overboard with the customisations and that there is a certain beauty in Ghost’s simplicity and minimalism, I still wish there were a tad more customisation options with Ghost.