Custom Landing Page with STATIC html

Please I have basic question that has me stomped. I want to use a STATIC html page for my LANDING page.
So I have created a page named: home.html. All the css and images are there.
So my Questions are:
(1) Do I RENAME it to home.hbs OR leave it as, home.html?
(2) Where, looking at the Ghost file Structure do I put it and it’s css and js files?



RENAME it to home.hbs …

Put home.hbs in the root of the theme folder, where also there already is index.hbs

Put the css in /assets/css, where also there already are the other css files for the theme

Put the js files in /assets/js, where also there already are the other js files for the theme

Worked like a charm !!
Thanks much

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You are most welcome, @yousaid!