Custom posts without titles

Hello and thanks for considering my questions. I have recently had my blog redesigned and it has two post types. The first is your typical post with a headline, body copy, tags, etc., the second post type is more of a link blog style with the first sentence hyperlinked to an external site followed by body copy.

You can see it here: and you’ll see the different post types.

I’m writing to ask if this can be done through a custom post.hbs and customized index.hbs templates?

Hey @Brilliantcrank :wave:

This is definitely possible with a little bit of customization. For all of the posts that are external, just add the #external tag, and optionally add the canonical_url. Then, in the post, you can do something like this:

  {{#has tag="hash-external"}}
    {{!-- This is an external post! --}}
    {{!-- This is not an external post!--}}

If you were doing a post loop, you would do {{#foreach ... instead of {{#post}}

Thanks for the idea!

Do you know if it would be possible to customise the post title in a custom RSS feed? Not sure what is possible using an IF for a posts tag.

Yep, a custom RSS feed is just a ginormous post loop that outputs XML instead of HTML. So whatever you can do in a post loop can be done with your custom RSS feed :slightly_smiling_face: