Custom storage module for BaiduYun BOS

The Bos-Ghost-Store can help your store your image to BaiduYun BOS


  • Node > 6
  • Ghost > 2

After testing, Bos-Ghost-Store works well in the following environment:

  1. macOS(10.12.3) & node(v6.10.0) & ghost(v2.1.3)

  2. centos(7.1) & node(v6.14.3) & ghost(v2.1.3)


  • custom file prefix & suffix
  • 2.Use / in prefix can upload file to folder
  • BOS picture processing


1.Install via npm

# Go to the ghost workspace
cd ${your_ghost_workspace}

cd current && npm install bos-ghost-store --save

2.Create the storage folder if it doesn’t exist yet in content

# Go to the ghost workspace

cd ${your_ghost_workspace}

mkdir -p content/adapters/storage

3.Move bos-ghost-store to content/adapters/storage

cp -R current/node_modules/bos-ghost-store content/adapters/storage/bos-ghost-store

4.Install dependencies

cd content/adapters/storage/bos-ghost-store

npm install


Add configuration of bos-ghost-store in config.product.json or config.development.json


"storage": {
    "active": "bos-ghost-store",
    "bos-ghost-store ": {
        "credentials": {
            "ak": "your access key"",
            "sk": "your secret key" 
        "bucket": "bucket",
        "origin": "visit url",
        "endpoint": "endpoint for your bucket",
        // optional
        "prefix": "image/",
        // optional, stylename & command only one can take effect
        "stylename": "stylename",
        // optional
        "command": "command"


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