Dawn theme dawn_search_index error

I’m testing the Dawn theme on my site, I noticed an extreme slowness when browsing the pages and changing the theme color with the appropriate button on the homepage, I noticed this console error, too many articles?

VM16453 main.min.js:1 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'setItem' on 'Storage': Setting the value of 'dawn_search_index' exceeded the quota.

can we solve this problem?

Hey @giacomosilli, the reason is browsers have certain limit for local storage and when your site has lots of posts, it exceeds the quota for storing the index of posts. An option to disable searching from post content was added in the latest version of Dawn. Try following steps to fix the issue.

  1. Download the latest version of Dawn.
  2. Disable the content search following instructions here.

hi, I disabled the search by removing the API key, thanks anyway for this new option to disable it.

So due to the large number of my posts I will not be able to use the search engine of this theme?

You can still use the search feature, you just need to disable the search from post content. When you have lots of posts including their content, your browser local storage limit easily exceeds. So the new option will just disable searching from content, but searching from post title will still be available.

after the update the search for post-title did not work either, probably some errors with yarn, restarting the system is back to work.

Unfortunately I find it a bit slow, I think I use my old search engine. Still great theme, I’ll use it for everything else, thanks!

@minimaluminium to completely remove the search module I just need to delete the elasticlunr.min.js file? Thanks

Hey! There are some custom code here in main.js. Also make sure you delete this line if you removed the previous code.

And for the markup, you might want to look in partials/header.hbs. Search for data-modal="search" in the file. There will be couple of instances used for members related logic.

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I will continue to use the modal for my search engine. Thanks for the support and the great theme

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Hello! Instead of creating a new topic, I’ll ask here. Can you please tell me how to make a search in a Dawn theme for Cyrillic characters (Russian)? Tried to figure it out on my own but got stuck on elasticlunr.js.

Hey @budaev, here is a repo for elasticlunr.js language support. And here is a helpful comment from the maintainer for integrating different language than English in the library.

The line that initializing elasticlunr can be found here.