Deploy to Netlify button results in empty repo

Hi! I’m trying to use Ghost’s Eleventy (11ty) starter. In the repo’s README, there’s a Deploy to Netlify button. When I click it, I’m taken to Netlify to create a new site using the starter. Netlify creates the repo for me, gets to work building the site, and says the build was successful. When I go to the site, it appears to be working fine. But when I go to the repo that was created for it, the repo is completely empty.

Is there something else I have to do, or is there a step I’m missing? I’ve used other Jamstack starters that worked fine and had fully populated repos, but I’m still kind of new with this stuff. I tried using the Deploy to Netlify button twice, and the second time everything also appeared to work fine and the repo is also empty.

Here are the details:

Sounds like a good question for the Netlify forum :wink: