DigiDocs - New Ghost Theme for Documentation And Knowledge Base site

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my newly released Ghost theme DigiDocs.

DigiDocs theme is made for documentation and knowledge base site. It helps to keep all your documents organized and also serve in correct order to your audience / site visitor.


Topic page ( shows all article in a particular topic)

Single article view

Dedicated FAQ listing page

Change log page

Other static page

Code syntax highlighting

Please visit the live demo to see all elements and feature of the theme.

:white_check_mark: View DigiDocs Live Demo

:white_check_mark: Available for purchase

Have you any question? Always feel free to ask me. I will try my best to answer.
Hope you like this theme.

Thank you
Biswajit Saha


Looks nice and I would buy if it had Members (paid) functionality

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Thank you. As this theme is specially made for documentation and knowledge base, I think those should be open to all. That is why I did not implemented the paid members functionality.

Thanks for the fast reply. I will still bare it in mind as I have a project that would look great with this theme.

I guess I could add the members only features myself.

Good job, I like it very much.
But I also have to say that the member function should be at least optional, you shouldn’t exclude it. But it is certainly your choice, not ours. This is just a tip.

I have a site where I publish tutorials, tip and tricks for linux. When there is the conversation in EURO I will enable the members function, with some new sections that I am working on. My template is very minimal, it is all based on the search engine.

This template could be a valid alternative to renew my site.

Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have time to work on it personally.

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Ok, Actually I was thinking that Documentation should be open.
But because you guise are asking about the membership function, I will definitely think about it and Add the membership functionality In the next update.


Congrats Biswajit, the theme really looks neat. :slight_smile:

I have been looking at Themeforest to purchase a theme. This one really looks nice with a lot of features including Membership. But your theme changed my mind.

It would be great if you could add these features, but again it’s upto you :slight_smile:

A. Members & subscriptions ( Very important for me at least before I consider purchasing any Ghost theme )

B. Some Performance Optimization.
1. If you check the Google PSI score of any link, such as this , the score is really low on mobile devices ( 56/100). Stripe js has the biggest impact.

Github link for this issue

2. Please LazyLoad Images and Disqus

3. Reduce the impact of third party load: - The list is really big (several trackers) :frowning:

Hope I am not being greedy :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you @ajeet for your valuable comment. The Maido theme you refereed is a very good theme and I also love that theme.

At the time of developing DigiDocs theme The main thought was to build a Documentation theme. That is why I did not added the paid membership feature. As you can see the free subscription feature is already implemented.

Anyways, now the users of ghost like you are telling to add the membership feature. I have already started implementing it. Most probably I will update the the theme within 1 or 2 day with the full membership feature.

Performance Optimization

  1. We can not control the Stripe js loading at theme layer. It is controlled by the ghost core.

  2. Lazy loading Images is good, maybe I will address it in future.

  3. Disqus and third party script: Lazy loading Disqus Is good but sometime some user don’t uses the commento or other commenting solution other than those And I also recommend that.
    All those third party scripts are being loaded by Disqus. Because I have not added a single third party script myself. Also we can not limit those script loading by Disqus. In every theme in every page where Disqus comment is implemented, all those scripts will be loaded automatically.

You can see the difference If you test a page where no Disqus comment is being loaded. For example see this

In fact total CSS + JS loaded by the theme is around 135kb before GZip compression. After Gzip it becomes around 36kb only.

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Hi @GBJsolution ,

Thanks for the detailed clarification. This might not be a good place for this discussion we are having :slight_smile: I have some queries about theme. Where should I ask about it ? Any contact please ?


@uksitebuilder, @vasilli First of all a good news, I have updated DigiDocs today. Now it’s support membership feature. Have a look and share your opinion.

@ajeet you can send private message directly here. Click on my profile icon and then you will see a message option.


@GBJsolution - nice work! I am a fan of all your themes.

For DigiDocs, the left side menu is nice and clean and smooth. It would be ideal for the integration of a per-page TOC which the user could enable as an option.

This way, when the user is on a page with multiple anchor links, those could be shown underneath the page title within that same menu structure.

In addition, the page TOC could also be optionally set to appear separately – in a static panel on the right side of the page content, or it could be set to appear inline just at the top of the page.

I have noticed lately many requests for each of these configurations.

If one theme had all of these different options built-in, it could be a “killer app” as they say!


Thanks man, you made my day.
I have updated the theme again. Added TOC and disqus lazy load.
Hope you like it.


@GBJsolution I’m excited to see this! Is there a demo somewhere?

@denvergeeks It’s In the live demo. In every post. See below the image in this post. http://digidocs.gbjsolution.com/welcome/

@GBJsolution I see now the TOC at the top of the page content :nerd_face:. I was looking for it integrated into the left side menu! Here is another suggestion, for this inline top style TOC you have implemented…

A static button (with opacity .5) at the screen bottom that transports me back up to the TOC.

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Firstly, I was thinking about adding the TOC at the left sidebar. I did not do it because of two reason.
One, TOC and the current menu will become confused, and If a post have long TOC then the menu will be pushed down far away.
Second, in mobile view the sidebar nave is hidden.

Now about the back to TOC button, there is already a “back to top” button become visible and sticks at the right side of the screen when you start to scroll the page. If I add another button then it will become confusing for most of the people and look messy. But if ant body want’s it, then it can be achieved in very simple way.

There is an id to the TOC container. A simple link can be added at any place in the content. Or if needed it can be hard coded in the theme file post.hbs.

If you use post editor you write “Back to TOC” or whatever text you want and then link it to #toc-wrap. In this approach you can add multiple links in between your entire content. for example after each section of content ( before each heading)

Or if you want to hard code the link below entire content then you can add the following code after {{content}} helper in post.hbs file.

<a href="toc-wrap">Back to TOC</a>

Hope you understand my point of view why I don’t want to add it in the them directly for everyone who use it.

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Yes that all makes perfect sense. I suppose the “back to top” button could just be re-purposed so that it just goes back up to the TOC instead of above the image whenever there is a TOC.

I’m not sure about the left sidebar… hmm… maybe the left sidebar items could be more collapsed in some way to make everything fit in a clean way.

Yes, that can be done. One can customize any theme according to his/her personal choice. But As the developer of this theme which is already on market, I can not change one element’s behavior to another. May be other person who already using the theme will don’t like it.

But anyone need it or want to make a modification, I always try my to help them.

BTW thanks again for your great suggestions and thinking for this theme. I really appreciate it.
:grinning: :love_you_gesture: :pray: :yellow_heart:

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This looks like a great theme. The Ghost Team has written about what makes a good theme, and you may consider reading it.

One of the best free and open source documentation site frameworks currently available is Docusaurus. Here are a few differences between DigiDocs and Docusaurus that you may want to consider when thinking about the user experience:

  • A floating table of contents for the site on the left and a floating table of contents for the page on the right
  • Collapsible headers in the left
  • Built-in dark mode
  • Top navigation bar reappears on scroll-up

Docusaurus gives a way to have both docs and a blog on the same site. One of the most compelling features of Ghost is that it makes it easy for writers to develop paid publications, so implementing a paid feature would greatly improve the chances of people adopting your theme.

If people could develop paid publications with your theme, then people can use your theme for all sorts of content (not just developer docs) simply because they like the layout of your site.

If people want a completely open technical documentation site without any paid content, then they might as well use something like Docusaurus or wiki.js (sample).

Also, on your elements page, it would be helpful to see images with regular, wide, and full-width.

Thank you for your complement.

The Ghost Team has written about what makes a good theme, and you may consider reading it.

I am well awere of it and always try to follow in each of my theme.

I know about Docusaurus and It’s really very good. Also Gitbook is a good alternative. Digidocs is no where similar or competitor to these.

It’s just a ghost theme which adopted a different layout so that If any one want’s to build a documentation site using Ghost, this theme helps with that. Also full members feature is added in this theme so that it can be used for paid publication.

You have mentioned some points related to user experience. May be I will add some or all of those in future.

In this theme all image will be same width. wide and full width image has no effect in this theme. I know it’s not acceptable for some people, but trust me, those will not look good on this theme I have tested those before publishing the theme.