Discord Channel

Hi Everyone.

Few days ago, i started my Ghost adventure.

Basically i keep strugling throught a lot of tutorials and prerequisites for being able to learn to deploy and design proper Ghost solutions.

After this time, i found out that there was not Discord Server for the community so i decided to create a fans one.

Maybe it can help the community to grow even stronger, the link (This week) It’s https://discord.gg/uzXTy79U.

If you think than this is a good idea, please join so we can improve together.

Is this discord still open? the links dead. or is there another one?

Would definitely be interested in a chat option for Ghost topic(s) - Maybe a Ghost Slack community or we could create a channel(s) on the Mac Admins Slack Workspace like so many other software providers have?

Sorry, i’m busy at life and i don’t mantain this discord channel anymore.

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