Display Disqus widget only on posts (not pages)

Hi folks,

I installed Disqus on my site by editing the posts.hbs file.

But the Disqus unit shows on my regular pages, too.

How can I fix this?

Sorry, this isn’t answer your question, but would Disourse forum be better solution? Same price, but connecting those two is easier task, you don’t leak user data to somewhere, you can monetize by yourself (if wanted) and you may get easier conversations with higher quality.

And there is not issue you are trying solve out know.

Cons are another service to setup and maitenance.

Interesting idea.

A quick look at : Official Ghost + Discourse Integration shows the integration seems the same, editing the posts file. So it might have the same issue.

I wonder if I can import comments from Disqus though?

No you can’t. Migrating comments is one of the hardest jobs in the Webistan. So, plans must be such that are almost everlasting.

But let’s be honest — how many gets comments, or even meaningful comments, ever? Commenting is one of the most overrated options ever ;)

That’s why one solution would be starting community instead of commenting system.

And yes, I’m off topic. But quite often question is limiting the real issue :smile:

Let me hold onto my small thread of hope for good comments :stuck_out_tongue:

If there isn’t a page.hbs template, then Ghost will fall back to post.hbs to render the page, which is why you’re seeing the comments.

There is an easy fix, though! You can use the is helper to check the context and only render comments on posts.

{{#is "post"}} your comment block {{/is}}
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Awesome, that fixed it!

Thank you.

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