Do looping videos play even when not displayed on page?

I’m making some heavy use of looping videos on my blog ( and when I test it on iPhone the device becomes noticeable warm. The only reason I can think off is that the looping videos play even when not visible and since I have quite a few in a post that’s making the hardware work extra hard (and probably affects battery life as well).

Can anyone confirm if this is the case? And any solution is very appreciated.

Thank you,

The jarallax script you’re using seems to be doing a lot of processing even when the page is not being scrolled. Maybe try removing that first to see if it makes a difference with your iPhone temperature?

The videos are using native web elements, if there were performance issues with those then it would likely have been fixed a long time ago by browser developers.


Thanks for the reply Kevin, I’ll look into what jarallax script is. I’m not doing any customization to the default theme except some font styling.