Do Webhooks send paid member content?

I’m setting up full text search with Algolia and using webhooks going to Netlify to keep the index in sync.

I used the Algolia/Ghost CLI to get the posts into Algolia. It used the content API, so it appears that the full text that went in is the public posts and the public preview of the members/paid posts.

Then I made a post with Netlify, and watched it show up in Algolia (and it did!). THAT post showed both the public preview and the members only content in the Algolia database.

So, am I confused, or do webhooks send all the post content, regardless of visibility? That feels like it should be configurable, at least.

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The webhook will send the entire post contents regardless of publication status. There isn’t a way to configure this behavior at the moment. If you want to filter the content that’s shared with Algolia, you could filter on the post status and then make a call to the Content API to retrieve the public-facing content.

I use whenever I need to test webhook behavior and it works amazingly.

Thanks! I’ll have to check it out, Ryan.